Frequently Asked Questions

Bristol Myers Squibb and GRYT Health are industry leaders connecting patient advocacy organizations in an innovative virtual approach. GRYT Health is a digital health company with a social purpose, and is the creator of both the Global Virtual Cancer Conference and the GRYT Health platform, which offers opportunities for connection and learning, paired with research, marketing and clinical trial services that put people and caregivers first. Bristol Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.
As part of our continued commitment to patients worldwide, we have been in ongoing communication with the global patient advocacy community across disease areas to understand how they are being impacted by the current crisis, and what resources they most need in order to continue to fulfill their missions. Across the board, we are hearing from advocates that their biggest concerns are time and capacity constraints, infrastructure needs, and the lasting financial impact from the current crisis. Recognizing the urgency of the situation for the global advocacy community, Bristol Myers Squibb and GRYT Health decided to launch the Global COVID-19 Advocacy Resource.
The Global Advocacy COVID-19 Resource will be available to close to 100 global and local advocacy organizations, spanning disease states, to convene virtually. The available resources will cross disease areas including oncology, cardiovascular, fibrosis, immunoscience, immunology, hematology and multiple sclerosis.
Participants will have access to COVID-19-related materials from Bristol Myers Squibb, other advocacy organizations and third-party experts through the on-demand virtual exhibitor space and live meeting areas that will host weekly interactive sessions with industry leaders, advocates, and other experts. Resources addressing timely needs such as digital fundraising and other issues exacerbated by the pandemic will also be available.
Exhibitor information will be available online, with the first weekly live, interactive session launching on May 18, 2020. Participants may register starting May 6 at www.COVIDAdvocacyExchange.com.
Registration and access to the Global COVID-19 Advocacy Resource will be free for patient advocacy groups. We intend to extend invitations to nearly 100 global and local advocacy organizations, spanning disease states, to convene virtually.
We hope to build upon and enhance the Global COVID-19 Advocacy Resource over the coming months, in collaboration along with our advocacy group partners, to create a lasting coalition and platform that will exist for the long-term and cover critical topics beyond COVID-19.
Yes. GVCC19 offers you opportunities to explore and engage, however you will need to have a login and password to enter the conference site.
Registration is $35 for healthcare providers, industry and academia and free for patients, caregivers, and community members.
No. Your registration information will only be used for GVCC registration purposes. Your name and email address will not be shared with any third-party groups. To find out more about our privacy practices, click here.
Absolutely. If you want to know who else will be attending #GVCC19, download the GRYT app and meet others on the #GVCC19 chatroom. 

Please note, trust from our community is paramount to the success of both GRYT Health and GVCC19 - and something we take very seriously. We never share any of your information without explicit permission. Unlike other apps and platforms, GRYT is the first social community that is funded, built, and run by patients and caregivers where users communicate anonymously in real-time and each person is 100% in charge of what happens with their data.
The company's research initiative, The GRYT Project, bridges the communication gap that has traditionally prevented the cancer community and industry from optimizing care through an equal partnership. By becoming a part of this research collaboration, you will:
  • Positively impact the patient experience from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship
  • Receive compensation on select studies
  • Receive follow-up on studies you participate in and learn the impact of YOUR VOICE
Join the GRYT Project today and together we can make healthcare, care.